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Dietary Acid Load and Acid-Base Balance in Exercise and Health from Adolescence to Late Adulthood

Autor: Enni-Maria Hietavala

A Diet High in Meat Protein and Potential Renal Acid Load Increases Fractional Calcium Absorption and Urinary Calcium Excretion without Affecting Markers of Bone Resorption or Formation in Postmenopausal Women

Autores: Jay J. Cao, LuAnn K. Johnson, and Janet R. Hu

The food you eat can affect your body in many ways.

Autor: Nasa

Potential renal acid load in the diet of children and adolescents: impact of food groups, age and time trends

Autores: Ute Alexy, Mathilde Kersting and Thomas Remer

Diet-Induced Low-Grade Metabolic Acidosis and Clinical Outcomes: A Review.

Autores: Renata Alves Carnauba 1,*, Ana Beatriz Baptis

Dietary Acid Load and Potassium Intake Associate with Blood Pressure and Hypertension Prevalence in a Representative Sample of the German Adult Population

Autores: Danika Krupp, Jonas Esche, Gert Ber

Reducing the Dietary Acid Load: How a More Alkaline Diet Benefits Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease

Autor: Caroline Passey, BSc, RD, PhD