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The effects of 8 weeks of whey or rice protein supplementation on body composition and exercise performance

Autores: Jordan M Joy, Ryan P Lowery, Jacob M Wils

Quality of life of female and male vegetarian and vegan endurance runners compared to omnivores

Autores: Patrick Boldt, Beat Knechtle, Pantelis Niko

Plant-Based Diets for Cardiovascular Safety and Performance in Endurance Sports

Autores: Neal D. Barnard, David M. Goldman

Pea proteins oral supplementation promotes muscle thickness gains during resistance training: a double-blind, randomized, Placebo-controlled clinical trial vs. Whey protein

Autores: Nicolas Babault, Christos Païzis

The Effects of Whey vs. Pea Protein on Physical Adaptations Following 8-Weeks of High-Intensity Functional Training (HIFT): A Pilot Study

Autores: Amy Banaszek, Jeremy R. Townsend