Publicações Científicas

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Uso de fórmulas à base de soja na alergia à proteína do leite de vaca

Autoras: Glauce Hiromi Yonamine, Ana Paula Beltran

Impact of lifestyle on the gut microbiota of healthy infants and their mothers – the ALADDIN birth cohort

Autores: Helena M. Hesla, Fredrik Stenius

Effects of dietary intake patterns from 1 to 4 years on BMI z-score and body shape at age of 6 years

Autores: Leonardo Pozza Santos, Ken K. Ong

Is iron and zinc nutrition a concern for vegetarian infants and young children in industrialized countries?

Autores: Rosalind S Gibson, Anne-Louise M Heath

Vitamin D Deficiency: An Uncommon Cause of Quadriparesis


Use of Soy Protein-Based Formulas in Infant Feeding

Autores: Jatinder Bhatia, Frank Greer

Atlas of Childhood Obesity

Autor: World Obesity Federation

The effects of happiness and sadness on Children's snack consumption

Autores: Cin Cin Tan, Shayla C. Holub

Familial psychosocial risk classes and preschooler body mass index: The moderating effect of caregiver feeding style

Autores: Mildred A. Horodynski, Holly E. Brophy-H

Healthy nutritional habits should be encouraged in all children independently of the existence or non-existence of neurodevelopmental disorders

Autora: Sylvia Cruchet et al

Iron Status of Vegetarian Children: A Review of Literature

Autor: Roman Pawlak Kami Bell

Serum Hepcidin and Soluble Transferrin Receptor in the Assessment of Iron Metabolism in Children on a Vegetarian Diet

Autores: Jadwiga Ambroszkiewicz & Witold Klemarczyk

Posição da Sociedade Brasileira de Pediatria diante do Guia de Alimentação do Ministério da Saúde

Autor: Sociedade Brasileira de Pediatria

Compromiso neurológico y hematológico por déficit de vitamina B12 en lactante hijo de madre vegetariana. Caso Clínico

Autoras: Paulina Bravo J., Judith Ibarra C.

Iron deficiency: new insights into diagnosis and treatment

Autora: Clara Camaschella

Venlafaxine for major depression More evidence that risks outweigh benefits for most patients?

Autores: Andrea Cipriani, John R Geddes, Corrado Barbu

IQ in childhood and vegetarianism in adulthood: 1970 British cohort study

Autores: Catharine R Gale, Ian J Deary, Ingrid Schoon

Vegetarian Diets Across the Lifecycle: Impact on Zinc Intake and Status

Autores: Meika Foster, Samir Samman

Soy-Based Infant Formula: Are Phyto-Oestrogens Still in Doubt?

Autoras: Ilaria Testa, Cristina Salvatori

Doze Passos Para uma Alimentação Saudável

Autor: Biblioteca Virtual em saúde do Ministério da Saúde

Healthy Beverage Consumption in Early Childhood

Autor: Healthy Eating Research

Cerebral Atrophy in a Vitamin B12-deficient Infant of a Vegetarian Mother

Autores: Celebi Kocaoglu, Fatih Akin, Hüseyin Çaksen

Harmonization of Food-Frequency Questionnaires and Dietary Pattern Analysis in 4 Ethnically Diverse

Autores: Russell J de Souza, Michael A Zulyniak,

Vitamin D deficiency in mothers, neonates and children

Autora: Deena H. Elsoria, Majeda S. Hammoudb

Encouraging children to eat more fruit and vegetables: Health vs. descriptive social norm-based mess

Autores: Maxine Sharps, Eric Robinson

Long-Lasting Neural and Behavioral Effects of Iron Deficiency in Infancy

Autores: Betsy Lozoff, John Beard, James Connor

Plant-Based No Added Fat or American Heart Association Diets, Impact on Cardiovascular Risk in Obese Hypercholesterolemic Children and Their Parents

Autores: Michael Macknin, Children’sTammie Kong

Does milk matter: Is children's intake affected by the type or amount of milk served at a meal?

Autoras: Samantha M.R. Klinga, Liane S. Roea

Nutritional Quality of School Meals in France: Impact of Guidelines and the Role of Protein Dishes

Autores: Florent Vieux, Christophe Dubois

Vegan Nutrition for Mothers and Children: Practical Tools for Healthcare Providers

Autoras: Luciana Baroni, Silvia Goggi

Plant-based diets for children as a means of improving adult cardiometabolic health

Autores: Małgorzata A. Desmond, Jakub Sobiecki

Complementary Feeding: A Position Paper by the European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) Committee on Nutrition

Autores: Mary Fewtrell, Jiri Bronsky, Cristina Campoy

Long‐chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in infant formula and cardiovascular markers in childhood

Autores: Linda P. M. Pluymen, Geertje W. Dalmeijer

ERICA: prevalência de comportamentos alimentares saudáveis em adolescentes brasileiros

Autoras: Laura Augusta BarufaldiI, Gabriela de Azevedo

The treatment of iron deficiency without anaemia (in otherwise healthy persons)

Autor: German E.Clénin

Vegan diet in children and adolescents. Recommendations from the French-speaking Pediatric Hepatolog

Autores: J. Lemale, E. Mas, C. Jung, M. Bellaiche

Vegetarian diets in children: a systematic review

Autores: S. Schürmann, M. Kersting, U. Alexy